On Multi-Gateway Association in Wireless Mesh Networks

Sriram Lakshmanan, Karthikeyan Sundaresan, and Raghupathy Sivakumar
GNAN Research Group
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology

Second IEEE Workshop on Wireless Mesh Networks, Reston, VA, USA, September 2006.


Most traditional models of wireless mesh networks involve a mobile device connecting to the backbone through one of the available gateways in a wireless mesh network. In this paper, we present an alternate model, in which mobile devices are allowed to connect through more than one of the available gateways. We call the model Multi-Gateway Association (MGA). We present arguments for why such a model can result in better capacity, fairness, diversity and security when compared to the default single-association model. We also identify the primary challenges that need to be addressed when using multiple-gateway associations, and propose solutions to handle these challenges.

Presentation: [pdf (733KB)]      Full Paper: [pdf (153KB)]