ATP: A Reliable Transport Protocol for Ad-hoc Networks

Karthikeyan Sundaresan, Vaidyanathan Anantharaman, Hung-Yun Hsieh, and Raghupathy Sivakumar
GNAN Research Group
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology

IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2005.


Existing works have approached the problem of reliable transport in ad-hoc networks by proposing mechanisms to improve TCP's performance over such networks. In this paper we show through detailed arguments and simulations that several of the design elements in TCP are fundamentally inappropriate for the unique characteristics of ad-hoc networks. Given that ad-hoc networks are typically stand-alone, we approach the problem of reliable transport from the perspective that it is justifiable to develop an entirely new transport protocol that is not a variant of TCP. Toward this end, we present a new reliable transport layer protocol for ad-hoc networks called ATP (ad-hoc transport protocol). We show through ns2 based simulations that ATP outperforms default TCP as well as TCP-ELFN and ATCP.